It’s not easy to be the leader and Superwoman in the realities of the modern world and the frenetic pace, where career and professional work are an integral part of life…


Debate on the issues of activity and entrepreneurship, reconciliation and the possibility of finding a balance between private life and career.

/ Is it possible for women to find harmony between personal life and work?
/ How to overcome the feeling of being lost in the midst of conflicting priorities and values?
/ How to overcome challenges related to returning to work after maternity leave or the loss of job?
/ What opportunities are available today and what changes are expected by contemporary women?

Together, we look for answers to the question how to increase the involvement, enjoyment and satisfaction from work, which will allow us to develop recommendations for specific solutions?


Seminar Workshop related to PREDISPOSITIONS which should be found and enhanced and SKILLS to be developed in order to become a leader!

/ How to build a brand and reputation in the labour market?
/ How to develop strong business competencies?
/ How to raise the level of satisfaction and commitment?
/ How to find  the strength, clout and assertiveness?

Understanding own goals, needs and conscious management of both private life and career is the key to success. Happiness and harmony positively affects the level of motivation and creativity and at the same time influences the quality of relationships in all spheres of life.

You are very welcome!