K&K Selekt Human Resources Consulting company is the only official HR member of Aviation Valley, Poland’s largest technology – industry cluster.Since the year 2000, K&K Selekt  has been specializing in the recruitment of engineers and managers for manufacturing and service companies, mainly from the automotive, aerospace, metal and electronic industries. K&K Selekt assists international companies from all over the world and new investors in Poland in finding difficult to reach employees on the employment market.

MS: What characterizes recruitment for the automotive and aerospace industries?

KK: Recruitment for such industries specifies the fact, that employees who are required by companies which use advanced technologies do not actively look for employment. All vacancies are filled by the use of “direct search”, i.e. finding “talent” in a specific business area, e.g. machining/CNC, R&D, design, production planning, quality suppliers, logistics, materials management, etc.

MS: How do you contribute to attracting new investors in Poland?

KK: As a partner of PAIiIZ, K&K Selekt provides assistance to new investors in terms of research of the Polish employment market, as well as comparative analysis of HR between Polish and other European countries. We perform SWOT analysis, which gives an honest and clear view on the investment in Poland. In addition, we show examples of existing and developing foreign entities, which certainly contributes to taking the right decision regarding investment plans in Poland. Having such professional and extensive information on the subject, allows companies to plan their budget, learn the rules of cooperation and make the final decision regarding the choice of location for the new investment.

MS: How do you assist companies which have already decided to operate in Poland?

KK: We support the company’s recruitment activities not only at the beginning of the investment stage but also assist with needs that arise during development in the longer term.  We take over all or part of the activities in the field of recruitment and full responsibility for the outcome, giving the time and energy to concentrate on the company’s strategic objectives.  When it comes to recruiting high quality candidates, we offer the Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) solutions and RPO services needed to tailor recruitment for a company. Outsourcing of recruitment is beneficial in terms of recruiting the best talent, at the lowest possible cost, in the quickest possible time. Moreover, it allows to gain consistency, control and visibility of recruitment as well as increase quality of human capital with a minimum administrative effort.

MS: How do you link companies with specialists and managers?

KK: New investments and the increase of production levels in Poland in the automotive and aviation industries have contributed to a significant demand for engineers and managers in a variety of areas such as Production, Logistics, R & D, Technology, Quality Assurance, Supply Chain and other. In order to meet the needs of the labour market, we have created the first Polish system of “automatic headhunting” for production and service companies. The candidate CV catalog has been developed since the year 2000, and today it includes the CVs of qualified and experienced employees from many specific industries and fields. Many years of cooperation with international companies, has allowed the originator and founder, K&K Selekt consulting company, to prepare the perfect solutions for both employers and candidates.  Companies looking for highly skilled employees on “Just Talents” will be able to find specialists, engineers and managers on the employment market.